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Cameron Boushehri

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Cover letter


Hello, my name is Cameron Boushehri.

    I am a current student of University of Central Missouri studying towards a Paralegal certificate. I'm also a Chapman University alumnus with a master's degree in Screenwriting and a Drury University alumnus with a degree in Multimedia production/journalism. My specialty is video/sound editing, studio production and creative writing, and I’m very interested in learning more.

    I also happen to be high-functioning autistic Asperger’s. Meaning my brain is developed differently than other people. But to me, it’s like a skill because I am very imaginative and creative when it comes to writing and video editing. I’m similar to Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. Because of my skills, I also have a photographic memory, I can watch an entire movie from start to finish and repeat it word for word.

     For all the documenting that I’ve done for Drury, I was a one-man production team. I wrote my own scripts, set-up my own shots, did all my own videotaping, set up my own lighting and sound, went into the editing booth and pulled it all together with sound bytes, music and voice overs. I know the process from start to finish and it's something I've enjoyed. During my time at Chapman, I have written feature and TV length screenplays using Final Draft and even done some Script Coverage.

     You may contact me at my phone number or by Gmail. And please take time to view my online portfolio as well. And if you wish to invite me for a Zoom meeting chat, I’d be glad to oblige.


  • Creative screenwriting; feature and television, Final Draft, script coverage.
  • Videography; video/sound editing, camera work, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony, Panasonic and Canon cameras.
  • Studio Production; JVC camera/teleprompters, Mantrix 2 lighting, Broadcast Pix soundboard.
  • Animating and drawing; Adobe Animate, storyboards.
  • Visual effects; Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, AVID, Nuke.
  • Computer animation; Maya, Autodesk 3DS Max.
  • Microsoft Office; Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Gmail.
  • Paralegal Law; Westlaw, LexusNexus, Laredo.
  • Shotgun/grid, Linux, Flix, Illustrator, Toonboom.

 Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Oct 2022March 2023

Paralegal Certificate

University of Central Missouri
Aug 2018May 2020

Master of Fine Arts, Screenwriting

Chapman University

Script coverage, writing screenplays.

Sep 2016Aug 2017

Exceptional Minds

Animation/visual effects training for people on the autism spectrum.

Aug 2011Dec 2014

Bachelor of Arts, Multimedia Production and Journalism

Drury University

With an emphasis in film production and video/sound editing.


This portfolio consists of full-length creative written stories, Disneyland documentaries, Drury University and Chapman University video projects, and Exceptional Minds Adobe Creative Cloud project.

Inspector Whatever is a live-action TV show complete with a pilot screenplay, treatment and episode list, and a short film made at Chapman University.

The Dream Team are portrayed  in four creative formats: a full-length professional screenplay (150 pages), four 30 min pilot scripts (over 30 pages), a five and a half minute completely animated short, and a 72 page future production list for the continuing adventures.

The two Disneyland video documentaries were made about the resort. 

An Adobe Animate short starring The Dream Team made at Exceptional Minds.

Three videos are a selection of the video projects made at Drury University:

  • The first video made was for a client for a school in Springfield, Missouri that teaches kids on the autism spectrum.
  • The second is an educational and humorous documentary that talks about Drury University's security.
  • The final video was made for graduation.

X.A.I.R.A. The Robo Princess is a full-length sci-fi romantic-comedy screenplay (117 pgs) that tells the story about a robotic princess who falls in love with a human soldier and together they embark on a hilarious and exhilarating journey as they discover the truth about both their kinds. She resembles closely towards a Disney princess.

Work history

May 2022Present


Ingrum Law Firm LLC
  • Responsible for filing documents and scan into computer via photocopier, proofreader and document editor, record keeper, searching datafiles and contact information via Westlaw, LexisNexis and Laredo file share systems.
  • Answering the phones, taking messages, transferring calls, composing emails.
April 2021Dec 2021

Video Specialist

The Dutton's Family Theater

Record live stage shows and burn to DVDs for people to purchase, work video monitor cues, run weekly live streaming show on YouTube.

Aug 2018May 2020


Chapman University

Studied writing screenplays for television and film. Reviewed scripts and gave feedback. Worked with Final Draft software.

Aug 2016Aug 2017


Exceptional Minds

Learned field of animation. Software using: Adobe Animate, Photoshop, After Effects, Nuke, and Maya 3D.

Jan 2015May 2016

Cast member

Disneyland park

Worked as a custodian in Disneyland.

Aug 2013Dec 2013

Computer Animator

Introduction to 3D Animation course

Made computer animated shapes and models using Autodesk 3DS Max.

Made model of my own fictional character.

Jun 2013Jul 2013


Digital Photography course

Took photos and uploaded them through Adobe Photoshop, altering them in various ways.

Incorporated self-portraits with DreamWorks Animation characters. .

Jan 2013May 2013

Screenplay writer

Writing for Stage and Screen course

Wrote imaginative, full-length, fictionalized stories in the form of professional screenplays best utilized as cartoons or animated films.

Jan 2013May 2013

Website Designer

Web Communication course

Used WordPress to make personal fan website pertaining to Doctor Who titled with information on the characters, episodes and links to sales.

Aug 2012Dec 2012

Camera/Sound Operator

Studio Production course

Worked and maneuvered the camera/teleprompters: JVC cameras and Mantrix 2 lighting.

Worked in the sound booth: Broadcast Pix soundboard.

Aug 2011Jul 2013

Video/Sound Editor

Video Production 1, 2, 3 courses

Filmed with Panasonic camera, tripod, and sound/lighting equipment. Operated as a one-man production team. Wrote own scripts, set-up shots, videotaped, set up lighting and sound, edited with sound bytes, music and voice overs. Posses thorough knowledge of the process from start to finish.

Edited all footage on Final Cut Pro 7 and 10.

Jun 2006Sep 2007

Lighting Booth

The Dutton’s Family Theater

Ran spotlights during performance. Responsible for all stage lighting cues for two-hour live performances.

Sold concessions during the intermission.


General Office Work

Writing full-length screenplays with Final Draft.


Learning with Adobe Animate, Photoshop, After Effects, and Nuke

Video/sound editor

Good with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Camera operator
JVC cameras.
Creative writing
Have vivid and active imagination.
Photographic memory
Can almost remember anything from beginning to end.
Always remembered my cues.
3D Animation
Good with Autodesk 3DS Max
Web design
Good with WordPress.